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Lex Lauletta II

BFA Advertising

Thanks for taking the time to check out my portfolio. I graduated from SCAD ATL (The Savannah College of Art & Design Atlanta) in 2018.

I currently work full-time for Edelman Atlanta as a Designer.

More about me.

I've always been drawing. I remember my parents asking me as a little kid,  "How did you draw that without looking at something?" I replied,

"I see pictures in my head."


Which could sound like the opener to a horror film... regardless, my creativity has served me well over the years.


...unfortunately my creativity never garnered myself first prize in any spelling bees, but that's why we have spell check.

I think my cursive signature overshadows any spelling errors. Not too bad for a five year old?


What started out as a passion for drawing, ultimately turned into a full immersion of all things creative. My studies have led me to specialize in graphic design, motion graphic design, tv & film production, copywriting, art direction, etc.

I just want to tell meaningful stories. Oh! and I love sports and movies.


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